Welcome to the new site for this year’s Confluence Project at the University of Idaho!
 Here is a little orientation to our new site:
  1. To discover the new and remaining team members for this year’s project as well as a summary of what we do, navigate to the “About” tab on the top menu
  2. The “Resources” tab provides student and teacher resources to data entry forms (i.e., embedded IDAH20 sheets), instructions and resources for downloading datasets (see IDAH20 Data–> Data Download), and useful links to sites (e.g., snotel and USGS)
  3. “Blogs for Confluence Schools” lists each school involved in this years project and provides a subpage for each school to blog
  4. This year we are including blog space for our science fellows (graduate students) to share their reflections, ideas, and experiences; this is available under “Blog for Science Fellows”
  5. “Youth Water Summit” discusses last year culminating event of the project, including a fabulous example of a video project from some of last year’s participants! Yawzah! Additionally, this page will begin to contain relevant details for the 2016 event as the time draws closer.
  6. The “Water News” feed has relevant science and communication regarding water and climate from various media and scientific outlets. Feel free to pursue these articles, and/or email us to add your own contribution to this page!
  7. Finally, click the youtube video above for a gallery of our students in action!

Thanks and Happy Blogging!

The Confluence Team